2020 Team programs

Swanson Baseball 2020 Fall Tryouts.pdf

The Swanson Baseball Team Program is an extension of what we offer within our instruction. Each team has a roster of 13-15 players who must understand the ‘Team First’ concept before personal stats come into play.

More than any other sport, baseball emphasizes numbers; Velocity, ERA & Strikeouts for pitchers and Batting Average, HR’s, Exit Velocity, and RBI for hitters are just a few of the documented stats. Therefore, this game promotes a lot of ‘individuality’ in a sport that requires the ballplayer to be fully aware of and in lock step with his teammates. This task is not easy but definitely achievable. SB teams focus on helping each player continuously improve their baseball performance while being the best teammate they can be.

Our first team began play in 2008, followed by two teams in 2009-2012. After a two & half-year break due to Swanny's time working with the Cleveland Indians, the SB teams began play again in the Fall of 2015 and continue to field spring, summer and fall teams heading into the 2020 season.

Currently, our teams range from 10u to 18u.

Being a Good Teammate

Respect: Tides players will ALWAYS respect their coaches, teammates, umpires, and opponents!

Endurance: Tides players will maximize their health through consistent work both on and off the field.

Confident: Tides players will believe and trust in their ability to take on any challenge.

Accountable: Tides players will be accountable and NEVER blame others.

Prepared: Tides players will understand game situations and types of hitters or pitchers they compete against.

We teach our players how to develop the fundamental mental skills we call SB’s Four Cs:

  • Composure

  • Control

  • Concentration, and

  • Confidence